Laura Becker is an American writer, speaker, artist, and detransitioner activist specializing in bringing philosophical truth and expressive artworks to audiences internationally.

Known for her articulate storytelling, Laura lectures on psychological and cultural issues facing teens and young adults today, particularity in mental health, and gender identity.


In youth, Laura struggled to embrace her gifts and mistakenly fell into the cult of transgender identity, even taking dangerous cross-sex hormones, and having her healthy breasts removed for the illusion of becoming a different person. Since 2019, Laura has been an outspoken advocate for detransition awareness, and works across the political aisle instituting change in medical ethics. 

A quirky personality, Laura emphasizes the importance of radical self-acceptance of one's funky psyche through creativity, awareness, and developing strong humanist values. Laura shares her experiences growing up on the autism spectrum, surviving complex trauma, and is regarded widely for blowing the whistle on gender medicine issues as "The Based Detransitioner." 


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Learn more about the real issues by reading the Funky Psyche Substack, where new essays and videos are published every week. For a catalogue of Laura's notable events and publications, explore her CV here.

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